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About Vibez Houston 

We are a local, family-owned business of proud Houstonians with a passion for mental health and swagger. We have found a way to incorporate both the recreational use and medicinal benefits of CBD and Delta 8, and infused it all together with our Houston culture! 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide healthier alternatives to certain things WE have been accustomed to in our Houston neighborhoods for decades. Local rapper Z-ro said it the best, "You go sippin', pimpin', you goin' end up on the stretcher". With Vibez Houston you will be able to continue yo' turn up, stay healthy, avoid catching a case and still have a trill time. We will continue to advocate for the recreational and medicinal use of CBD and Delta 8 while providing top-notch quality service and products.


Our Houston culture raised us,
now it's our turn to raise that same culture to a new standard. Through CBD and Delta 8, our vision is to help our community battle mental health in a safe way. We strive to expand our horizons and provide not only amazing products, but also provide solutions to mental health problems found in our communities. 

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